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Health, beauty, wellness and sustained performance levels. Who does not want that? 

PM-International’s FitLine products will help you to achieve these goals whatever age you are.

The highly nutritious food supplements in our FitLine series include a unique Nutritional Transport Concept (NTC®). NTC brings nutrients to where they are needed exactly when they are needed, to cell level. From the inside out.

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So you feel fit and full of energy and vitality. At home and abroad many national and international top athletes appreciate the advantages of the FitLine products in helping them to continue to perform at the highest level.

Our products are manufactured according to the Good Manufacturing Standard. It guarantees the highest purity and a level of quality that remains constantly high. The proof of this is hundreds thousands of satisfied customers all over the World – convince yourself, you will see, it is worth it! Now, the next step is to simply try it for yourself!