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Proshape All-in-1

The FitLine meal replacement shake which comes in various flavours - Wild Berries, Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Coconut, Cappucino and both vegan and non-vegan versions, is developed and manufactured with a combination of high-quality ingredients. This synergistic combination is made with our exclusive NTC®.


FitLine ProShape All-in-1 uses natural extracts such as green coffee, green mate and nettle, vitamins and minerals, sweetener of plant origin and is free of preservatives.


A complete all-in-1 meal that helps you achieve your dream figure *.


* Replacing two of the main daily meals on a low-calorie diet with such meal replacement contributes to weight loss.

Preparation: Prepare 2 lightly heaped measuring spoons (32.3 g) of powder together with 230 ml of water in a shaker or blender.


Recommended use: Replace 1 to 2 meals a day with 1 shake each. 1 shake = 1 meal.

Wild Berries

Yummylicious taste of wild berries will make weight management easy and fun for all!

Cappuccino (Vegan)

Experience the exquisite, creamy and vegan, lactose-free cappuccino recipe that reveals a full coffee aroma. Simply irresistibly creamy!

Mousse au Chocolat

The FitLine meal replacement shake with a strong mousse au chocolat taste that will keep chocolate lovers wanting more!

Chocolate (Vegan)

Try the new rich, creamy and vegan recipe that reveals a strong and intense aroma of chocolate. The unique chocolate taste for your ultimate pleasure.

Bourbon Vanille

The FitLine meal replacement shake with a floral bourbon vanilla taste goes perfectly on its own or with other fruits in a healthylicious fat burning



The FitLine meal replacement shake with a fruity coconut taste that is yummy on its own or with other fruits.

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