Do you wish to be fit and efficient every day ? For your body to do that, it needs certain nutrients. Our FitLine Optimal Set offers you the ideal FitLine basic supply. 

The high-quality FitLine Optimal Set has the unique nutrient transport concept (NTC®). NTC always brings the nutrients exactly where they are needed - exactly where they are needed - at the cellular level! 

Complement your usual diet with FitLine PowerCocktail in the morning and with FitLine Restorate in the evening. The products are easy to prepare, great tasting and before you know it, you won't want to miss your PowerCocktail in the morning and Restorate as your nightcap each and every day!



PowerCocktail: Dissolve the contents of the bag (15g) in 200ml of still water. 

Restorate: One serving (1 bag) per day. Dissolve 1 teaspoon (6.7 g) in 250 ml of still water 1 time daily with constant stirring. Always drink immediately after stirring in small sips. Ideally in the evening.


User Reviews

"One drink in the morning and one in the evening is all I need! Whether you are a busy salesperson or a housewife, the products suit everyone. I know no reason not to buy the Optimal Set!" - JOHANNA SORMUNEN


"I love the PowerCocktail with additional Activize which makes my stomach quiet and peaceful. I take Activize during the day when I need energy. Restorate I use to achieve a better regeneration, and to get beautiful hair, skin and nails. I will never stop using FitLine!" - EVA-LENA SJÖBERG


"What I particularly like about the Optimal Set is that it's a holistic concept. It is very well tolerated, gives you energy and helps with recovery. Many are looking for the one solution to everything, but do not know where to begin the search. The Optimal Set provides an optimal base simply by mixing it with water. It's super easy! As the body quickly absorbs the products, you can quickly get results...." - MALIN ERICSON


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Optimal Set