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It's no secret that long-term diet and nutrition choices have an effect on how we look and feel but new studies show that nutrition can also affect the way we think. As it turns out, there really is such a thing as "food for thought" - the very essential Omega3 for optimal brain function. Indeed, DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the smooth functioning of the body and contribute to normal brain and heart function*.

Inarguably, there is certainly no better Omega3 out there than the FitLine Omega 3+E or the Omega3 Vegan in terms of effectiveness. With its unique microSolve® technology for higher bioavailability and the exclusive nutrient transport concept (NTC®) to support optimized nutrient uptake, you can be assured of maximum absorption of both DHA and EPA exactly where they are needed when they are needed - at the cellular level!

Description of Omega3+E which is sourced from fish:

  • for healthy cardio-vascular functions

  • with micellized Omega-3 for healthy blood vessels

  • pays an important role in brain metabolism (supports brain functions)

  • with vitamin E to support Omega-3

  • easy-to-take, liquid form

  • unique NanoSolve technology, patent pending

Description of Omega3 Vegan which is sourced from microalgae:

For vegetarians, vegans or those who avoid fish in their diet, the daily supply of Omega 3 is a challenge. Discover FitLine Omega 3 Vegan, our new vegan microSolve® Omega 3 from microalgae, an excellent alternative to fish oil, with no fish flavor.


  • Unique microSolve® technology for higher bioavailability

  • Exclusive nutrient transport concept (NTC®) to support optimized nutrient uptake

  • Vegan source of omega-3 fatty acids, 100% fat free, with no fish flavor

  • Pure DHA and EPA made from specially selected high quality microalgae

  • Strict quality controls in accordance with GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice)free from marine pollutants such as heavy metals

  • Sustainable production processes and procurement of alternative natural ingredients that replace limited and highly stressed marine resources

  • Perfect addition to the FitLine Optimal set

  • Patent pending


* DHA and EPA contribute to normal heart function as low as 2 servings per day. DHA contributes to normal brain function from just 2 servings per day.