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Q10 Plus

All of us are aging. And occasionally we get sick. Why?

Well, think of your body as a machine, one that produces energy to sustain life. Like any machine, it requires proper maintenance or it will break down. Researchers have discovered a nutrient that is absolutely vital to that maintenance. It is called Co-enzyme Q10 (Q10 for short).

CoEnzyme Q10 is vital for producing cellular energy. It also acts as a unique membrane surface anti oxidant and protects lipoproteins from free radical attacks. As we age, our bodies lose the ability to convert co-enzymes into a useable Q10 state, hence the need for supplementation of this essential nutrient. Found in every cell in our body, CoQ10 is the catalyst for energy production at cellular level and without it, no energy is produced and cells die too.

Our bodies contain a mere 2 grams of this elixir of life, with greater concentration of it in the heart, liver and immune system.

Many scientists and researchers are convinced that CoEnzyme Q10 is the new weapon in the war against old age and disease. This nutrient is required by every cell in the body and is the key to the process that produces 95% of cellular energy.


FitLine Q10 Plus is superior in quality because of its high bioavailability. An independent scientific study carried out on the FitLine micellised form of Coenzyme Q10 has shown that the body obtains on average FIVE times as much Coenzyme Q10 in the micellised form than a  raw product in powder form as well as TEN times more vitamin E in the micellised form, due to our unique NanoSolve technology 


  • for energy production in the cells

  • supports the cells under oxidative strain

  • with vitamin E to support Q10

  • easy-to-take, liquid form

  • unique NanoSolve technology, patent pending

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