S.E.X. for Health

“Sorry, there´s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.” ― Morgan Spurlock

Sleep well! Eat healthfully! Exercise consistently! As a health coach, I sometimes feel I sound like a broken record.  People pay thousands to discover the secret formula to lose weight, look younger, live longer, and I tell them that’s it. Sleep well, eat healthfully, exercise consistently. Sorry, no magic pill.

And yet, isn’t it pure magic that having these three elements in our daily life can open up the doors to a healthy life full of vitality? Health is attainable to all – it’s just made up of daily habits we cultivate, simple disciplines that we practice day after day and presto! We look younger than our chronological age, we look good, we feel great, we are one of the 20 per cent of the adult population who are thriving and not beset with a dreaded chronic disease. (Data from World Health Organisation shows that 79 per cent of the adult population has at east one chronic conditions, with 50 per cent of the total adult population having two or more conditions.)

Well, we understand people want a sexier more exciting take, which is how the S.E.X. Program was born. We wanted people to do a double take when they hear the ‘secret” to staying healthy for life rather than a “I know that already.” So now, we show our clients how to make good quality S.E.X. a part of their daily life.

But of course, knowing is not enough. It’s doing that gives us the results that we want in life. As coaches, we are not just teaching and telling you what needs to be done. Our job is to elicit a powerful intrinsic motivation that comes from deep inside you to want what you want – be it an ideal weight, disease-free life, vitality. What we call a dynamic urge, something you want so strongly, you will do anything to achieve it.

So, the real secret is: how to find the JOY in Sleeping well, Eating healthfully, and eXercising consistently. Yes, S.E.X.

simple steps to stay healthy for life! (
simple steps to stay healthy for life! (
simple steps to stay healthy for life! (